Joyful Alchemy

I am delighted to introduce you to my new hand-crafted line, Joyful Alchemy.  Here you will find herbal tea blends, simples, handcrafted soaps, infused oils, lip balms and skin salves; all inspired by lovely Whidbey Island. Tea ingredients are organically grown or wildcrafted locally, with many herbs and flowers from my own expanding gardens. Ingredients in soaps and skin care items are as pure and natural as possible with no artificial colorants or fragrances.

Since childhood I have been fascinated with herbs, both common garden herbs as well as those which grow wild in our fields and woodlands.  I’ve studied these off and on for years, and finally decided to dive in more deeply.  Joyful Alchemy debuted in November at two Pacific Northwest holiday shows and was warmly received. 

These products are produced in small batches with great care; and due to the nature of herbs and flowers, some items will only be available seasonally.