Green Willow Living began in 1998 as Island Tea Company in a tiny storefront on Whidbey Island.  The simple pine shelves of the cozy little shop featured glass jars of loose teas and wicker baskets filled with basic tea accessories. Sprinkled throughout was a small assortment of vintage goods and charming gifts items, many made by the hands of local artists and craftswomen including me. Over the years the business grew, the inventory expanded, a kitchen and scones was added, and a website was launched to better care for the needs of our customers, many of whom lived far beyond our island’s shores.
While delighted with my company’s growth, I was not always at ease with it, for it had taken us away from the simple beginnings where the emphasis was on beautiful teas and simple, but lovely gifts. In late 2012, after a great deal of thought, I closed Island Tea Company to take a deep breath and begin the transition to something fresh and new, but truly, this has been a journey back to the beginning.   Green Willow returns my company to all that was so important to me to begin with. 

In our online shop you will find many of the delicious teas and herbals our customers have long favored with an emphasis on organic and ethically sourced. You will find a small assortment of basic tea wares, time-tested and carefully chosen to make preparation of your favorite teas easy and pleasurable.  And soon, once again, we will offer a few lovely hand-crafted gifts including some from my own small studio. 

Our new name pays homage to the lovely willow tree, which graced Island Tea Company’s small secret garden.   Beneath its graceful, sweeping branches many took shelter from a busy day, and often discovered the pleasures of a fresh, fragrant cup of tea.   The simplest things in life can truly be the best.

Welcome to Green Willow Living.   

~Dori Hallberg