Our Teas



Where our teas are concerned, we don't off the rarest or the most expensive or the newest fad.  We do offer fresh, fragrant, delicious teas which our customers return for time and time again.  When you order from our bulk tea selections, you will be purchasing the best quality, freshest tea available.

Our teas are scooped to order and most commonly are packaged in two ounce, four ounce, and 1/2 pound packages.  These sizes are approximate, since some teas are lighter or bulkier than others.  We do offer special introductory samplers and assortments from time-to-time, too.

Teas come to you minimally packaged and sealed in reclosable high-barrier plastic bags.  When your teas arrive, we always recommend you store them in glass or tins with tight fitting lids.  Our favorite method for storing our own teas is in small glass canning jars.

Take time for tea.  Sip, savor and enjoy!