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Yunnan teas are named for the Southern Chinese province where they are grown. The Yunnan province has been a tea-producing region for close to two thousand years and has the distinction of producing more black tea than any other part of China. The tea leaves in Yunnan are much larger than in other tea-growing areas. The high altitude, 4500-6000 feet above sea level, along with the warmth and mountain mists provide ideal tea growing conditions. (Yunnan translates into English as 'south cloud'.) 

Our Yunnan shows a nice amount of golden tip and steeps up rich and full-bodied with a slightly sweet flavor and subtle earthy quality reminiscent of Pu-ehr teas.  An excellent breakfast tea! Use 1 tsp. per cup and steep 3 to 7 minutes. Add milk and sugar if desired, but is lovely 'straight up'.